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For your multilingual admin staff requirements

Although English has become the international business language, having employees who speak other languages is beneficial. Most people do prefer speaking in their native language.

We provide local labour solutions in the recruitment of multilingual staff. We offer consistency, experience and flexibility.

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Bilingual and Multilingual staff

Effective communication is essential.

Recruiting fluent speakers of other languages will make a real difference to your clients and to your business.

With multilingual communication playing such a key role in the international marketplace, it has never been more important to ensure that we have the right language skills within our company.

We specialize in recruiting highly qualified multilingual staff.

Today, more than ever before, professionals possessing bilingual abilities are more and more in demand, as businesses are looking to meet the needs of their customers.

Recruiting bilingual employees becomes important in meeting the unique language needs of clients.

During the recruitment process we work closely with our partner PAB Translation Centre (UK based language specialists).

We take professional care with:

  • Preparing a detailed job description
  • Advertising
  • Screening of potential employees
  • Assessment
  • Background checking
  • Skills testing

Working with people from other cultures brings both massive challenges and great rewards. We are able to bring our expertise to your business and enable you to access appropriate resources to recruit staff, whilst supporting you through the recruitment and induction process.

Benefits of recruiting with EVO Recruitment

  • We are a competent recruiting company that can find proficient and trustworthy candidates.
  • We will also conduct applicant testing to ensure you get only valuable candidates to interview.
  • We will hire bilingual employees that are able to communicate in your client’s native language to help your firm cater to an increasing population of non-English speakers.
  • Hiring a bilingual receptionist will make a big difference in being able to interact and build rapport with clients from the moment they first call you. People are always more comfortable with those who can speak their language and understand their needs.
  • Hiring bilingual employees will enable you to bridge the communication gap to simplify the process and bring understanding to these clients.
  • Recruiting a bilingual professional with EVO Recruitment has the potential to grow your business and even open up your business to international markets. As your clients begin to do business in foreign markets or with foreign companies looking to expand their products and services into the UK you will position your firm to compete for their business.

Other Services available within EVO Recruitment:

  • Permanent Admin Recruitment

    We will manage the entire recruitment and selection process for you; matching the role to a select group of carefully screened and qualified local candidates.

  • Temporary Admin Recruitment

    We can provide your organisation with temporary staff for as long or as short a period as you need.

Local people....local work

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If you are looking for staff contact us by email or call us on 07799 772361 to discuss your specific requirements and select our qualified personnel to assist.


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