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For your horticultural workers requirement

We provide recruitment solutions in the supply of temporary horticultural workers on a short, medium or longer term basis.

Partnering with us means experience in managing the supply of temporary staff during peak times and we are always equipped to react at short notice.

Our people are smart, committed and motivated to help you deliver better service. We provide people who will exceed your expectations and help develop your business.

Our Core Values: Ethical Trading Transparency Flexibility Reliability Commitment Efficiency Consistency

Horticultural workers

We offer a personalised service tailored to our clients’ needs. Our horticultural expert team consists of both the horticultural industry and recruitment specialists, and our comprehensive and well-structured recruitment process ensures we always provide the highest quality candidates.

This is supported by a full induction, job description and risk assessment as well as health and safety training and various additional services (such as on-site management) depending on the client's requirements, by our well trained, qualified multi-lingual team members with many years' experience.

EVO Recruitment are well equipped to supply a reliable, efficient and cost effective services.

We provide experienced and skilled teams to the following jobs: -

  • Horticultural Potting and Packing
  • Flower Picking (we have experienced Daffodil, Gladioli, Rose and Sweet Williams pickers)
  • Flower Packing (Greenhouse and Packhouse)
  • Preparing Professional Bouquets (Experienced and Passionate florists)
  • Greenhouse Operations (Experienced with Carousels, collecting Ready Bouquets, Preparing Stems, Preparation of Trolleys and Buckets. Flower Conditioning etc.)

As your strategic business partner we will deliver increased efficiency through: -

  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Security

We believe that people selected by us will guarantee your success, now and in the future

Benefits of recruiting with EVO Recruitment

  • Personalised contact available every day, all year round, so you always speak to someone who understands your business.
  • On-site co-ordinator available on request during operating hours - at no extra cost, to ensure efficiency and ease of communication.
  • One transparent, time saving system for timesheets, invoices and paperwork- to save you time and achieve 'Right First Time' paperwork.
  • Tailored training for your business, developed and delivered by us to your specifications- so that our people understand your business from the first.
  • In house HR and Health and Safety expertise - to ensure we deliver a safe working environment.
  • Consistent, motivated teams through our internal development programme – we ensure retention and increase motivation.
  • Experience to innovate - drawing on our knowledge base to work with you on new ideas to increase margins and be the very best and first choice for customers.
  • Home grown talent - team leaders identified from within, trained and developed to grow business success - then retained through our Employment Values, recognition and reward.
  • Synergy - with our sister company PAB Translation Centre Ltd, opening of additional markets and smoothing communications.
  • Customer Focus - we put our clients and ultimately the people who eat the products we harvest, at the heart of our business.
  • Internal and external audits to assure quality and standards - because we want to be the best at what we do.
  • Environmental Focus - respecting the natural world in which we work.
  • We can offer advice, through our partners, on a range of employment issues, from tax and insurance to employment law and health and safety

“Evo Services quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and took the time to find out how we work. I am convinced that personalising customer service in the recruitment industry is the way forward and Evo Services has managed to achieve this.” HR Manager at Greeen+

“Evo Services continually raise their standards of Health & Safety. This is a challenge, especially as the nature of today’s industry means that clients demand dynamic responses to their daily labour requirements when affected by, changes in weather, crops or the market place, necessitating the right staff at the right time and in the right place.

“Evo Services Ltd embraces these challenges and invites John Dawson Associates to assist them and their clients by visiting each site and discussing the arrangements for safe systems of work and so offering greater protection for both businesses and their combined staff.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Evo Services Ltd as a trusted and safe labour provider.” John Dawson, Health and Safety Advisor at John Dawson Associates

Please contact us today on 07799772361 to discuss how we can help.

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