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For your production and warehousing requirements

We provide local labour solutions, specialising in the supply of temporary packhouse workers during busy periods, at short notice, or on a short, medium or longer term basis. We offer consistency, experience and flexibility. Since 2007 we have delivered thousands of the right staff to the right positions for businesses just like yours.

Our Core Values: Ethical Trading Transparency Flexibility Reliability Commitment Efficiency Consistency

Production & Warehousing Operatives

We aim to help our Clients to achieve greater profitability through direct efficiency and ensuring that the Key Performance Indicators are effectively understood and managed.

In all aspects of the work we shall act closely with the Clients Management team in ensuring that the targets are not only achieved but also exceeded.

Supplying workers to large users of temporary staff that require an on-site management presence we are always happy to provide full recruitment, administration and workforce management on-site for our clients.

Having served the sector since 2007, we have a great understanding of the challenges faced by the industry.

By offering a complete package of services - our clients benefit from the cost and time savings generated by working with EVO Recruitment.

We provide experienced and skilled food production operatives and other packhouse workers:

  • Line operatives

  • Line Leaders

  • Quality Control staff

  • Factory Cleaners

  • Other manual workers

  • Forklift drivers

    Benefits of recruiting with EVO Recruitment

  • Since 2007 we have a proven track of sufficient resources to meet our clients seasonal & temporary requirements both in the short and longer term.

  • Currently our database has in excess of 500 workers based throughout the East Midlands and East Anglia.

  • Access to DVLA approved PSV licenced partner fleet of minibuses and coaches.

  • We guarantee all participants have the right to work in the UK. We have invested in our technology to check all workers documentation to ensure that all legal compliance is met.

  • We pay workers through a contract of services. We pay holiday rate based on the average 12 weeks’ earnings. We do not payroll our workers through Offshore accountancy solutions.

  • We hold all workers’ documentation on file ready for auditing.

  • We can provide our Clients with wide range of reports qualification and training matrix, KPI tracking and more.

  • EVO Recruitment pays very careful attention to health & safety policies and procedures. The safety of all concerned is of paramount importance.

  • We train Supervisors, Team Leaders and Coordinators in general Health and Safety awareness. Our systems of recording, reporting and reviewing Health and Safety issues ensures we continually maintain and improve our procedures.

  • We are available 7 days a week. Direct numbers, no voice mails or answer machines.

  • We can react very fast (within a few hours) we can cover unexpected or exceptional demands.

  • We are flexible, so we can provide more or fewer seasonal workers, if ever your situation changes.

  • Regular on-site professional HR Assistance or permanent assistance, if required.

  • Within 2 hrs we will replace any participant who leaves early or is dismissed.

  • We can offer advice, through our partners, on a range of employment issues, from tax and insurance to employment law and health and safety.

  • As an agency we represent high standards in Health & Safety employing our own, local qualified Health and Safety Consultant. We are fully licensed by the GLA, ALP member, SEDEX member and ISO Quality Accredited.

“Evo Services quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and took the time to find out how we work. I am convinced that personalising customer service in the recruitment industry is the way forward and Evo Services has managed to achieve this.” HR Manager at Greeen+

“Evo Services continually raise their standards of Health & Safety. This is a challenge, especially as the nature of today’s industry means that clients demand dynamic responses to their daily labour requirements when affected by, changes in weather, crops or the market place, necessitating the right staff at the right time and in the right place.

“Evo Services Ltd embraces these challenges and invites John Dawson Associates to assist them and their clients by visiting each site and discussing the arrangements for safe systems of work and so offering greater protection for both businesses and their combined staff.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Evo Services Ltd as a trusted and safe labour provider.” John Dawson, Health and Safety Advisor at John Dawson Associates

Please contact us by email or call us on 07799772361 to discuss your specific requirements and select our qualified personnel to assist.

Local people....local work

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If you are looking for staff contact us by email or call us on 07799 772361 to discuss your specific requirements and select our qualified personnel to assist.


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